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Thursday April 9th 2020

T-Gauge is Coming!

I have some of the world’s smallest self-powered model trains coming in for review next week.  If you haven’t seen T-gauge, it is probably because it is just too small.

Seriously though, T-Gauge weight is at 1/450 scale, less than 1/2 the size of ‘Z’ gauge, the previous ‘Smallest Model Train Holder’.

So why am I reviewing T-Gauge?  All will become clear…

Meanwhile, you can find out lots about T-Gauge  at David Smith’s Blog,  http://www.t-gauge.net.

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3 Comments for “T-Gauge is Coming!”

  • Ilpo says:

    As I remember T scale was “Table top” Scale and larger than ‘O’ an very old scale. ZZ would make more sense.

  • admin says:

    Hi Ilpo, Do you know when that term was used for Table Top? The ‘T’ in the ‘current’ T gauge stands for Three Millimeters, the gauge of the track. It is 1:450 scale. A great source of information about the new T-Gauge is http://www.t-gauge.net.

  • T.Michael Davis says:

    A friend has built a T train “In a box.” It is about 15 inches square and literally is in a box with a hinged top. He takes it to train shows with two more — Z and N — and has them wired to a push button that kids can push to make the trains go. I have Z and N, but that’s as small as I’ll go. I don’t want to have to wear binoculars when running my trains.

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