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Friday July 31st 2015


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3 Comments for “Eventholder”

  • Sheila Lobley, Press Officer, Buckinghamshire Railway Centre says:

    How can I send you press releases of our forthcoming and past events, together with uploading photographs?

  • admin says:

    Thanks for contacting me. You can email me at info@traintalk.tv. Send your info to this email unless it is too big, in which case I have an FTP site that you can upload to.

    Press Releases go into our press release feed. (occasionally polled by Google for Google News).

    Events at the moment are keyed in manually, by me ;(. There is however a system in the works where you will be able to add, duplicate and edit events in real time. Go to http://www.traineventmanager.com and sign up, it is free and I will contact you through there when the system goes live. be sure and sign up for the email news as well (it is not automatically linked yet).

    Podcast features are a bit more subjective. If you have a good round of photos, some video clips and a good story to tell, I try and include the story in the podcast. If it is event related, I will try and get it in ahead of time, if not, it may go out as a wrap-up in Part events. Occasionally I get out and about and pop in to shoot some stuff myself. Hasn’t happened overseas yet though.

    To see what’s happening, The podcasts are on iTunes or YouTube, and in the free iPhone and Android apps. There is a weekly newsletter that links to the weekends’ events and showcases whats on geographically. The website delivers everything – podcasts, news feed, This and next weekends’ events.

    Everything is free or by donation. If you’d like a bit more coverage for a specific event, or overall, you can put an ad in the weekender newsletter, or sponsor a podcast which lasts forever (so far) ;). Contact me if you would like to chat about that.

    More than 700,000 people have watched the podcast so far, Thousands more have the app or get TrainTalk through the website. It is growing well, about 40,000 new per month – all over the world. I am hoping to one day generate enough donations and advertising revenue that I can get out and about more, till then it is done on a best efforts basis.

    Let me know what I can do for you.

    Twitter @TrainTalkTV
    Check out the NEW Railway Weekender:

  • Walter Pfefferle says:

    Trying to post our Train Festival but can’t figure out how to do it. Here is the info, can you add to the events calendar? http://www.fostoriairontriangle.com/festival.htm

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