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Tuesday December 6th 2016


TrainTalk.TV is the can’t-miss show for anyone looking to keep their finger on the pulse of mainline, tourist and even model trains.

Trains are curious things. They facinate children yet connect industry around the globe. They deliver us and our goods within our cities or across continents in the greenest way possible.

Train fans are legion and range from young children to music icons like Rod Stewart, they are ‘cross platform': Model railroaders like real trains: Steam engine fans love a ride on the bullet train: Those that choose a relaxing train ride over a long drive for their daily commute.

Each episode features at least one story from this very wide world of trains and a selection of train news and events from around the world.

As a bonus, TrainTalk exclusively will be following ‘Doc Christmas’ as this charming story of ‘how trains deliver Christmas’ makes it’s journey from best selling novel to classic film.

TrainTalk.TV is a short video show, hosted by Neil Enock, about ‘All Things Railroad’.  Neil started modeling in HO when he was a kid and has been a modeler in various gauges since them. Past President of the Alberta Model Engineering Society,  a live steam group in Airdrie, Neil is currently a fan of …  well… All Things Train!  

“I have a passion for trains, and I work hard to find the most interesting, compelling, and exciting stories out there, and tell you about them in a quick five minutes, (or so) ;)”.
-Host, Neil Enock

Behind the Scenes

I can’t possibly do everything myself! Neil Speers, Brad Allen and Brenan Zuehlke have shot much of the green screen studio work and helped direct the shoots as well. Neil is a professional photographer and can be found most often at albertaportrait.com. Brad is also a professional photographer and can be found most often at www.allenfoto.com

Want to Help?

We are actively looking for an (unpaid for now) intern to edit and post-produce the show. This would require you to be in Calgary.
If you are interested, drop me a line and let’s see what we can do together!

Contact Us:

Our New Studio Address & Courier Address: (UPS, FED/EX, etc.) Please send products for evaluation to this address.

iTinkr Inc. Studios www.itinkr.com
Bay 6, 3360 – 27th Street N.E. Calgary, Alberta
Canada, T1Y 5E2

Phone: 1-877-578-9771 or 403-452-5253
M-F 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Mountain Time
Fax: 877-509-1771

Email: neil@TrainTalk.TV

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